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  1. Hello.

    I want to be able to set up my Samsung S9 on a tripod and then be able to see, from another location, the S9 wiev on a secondary android device. And be able to remotely shoot both photos and video from the sencondary android device. Just like a external monitor, but active to press shutterbutton. Is there a way of doing this via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even with a cord/cable.

    And it is NOT for spying on anyone. It's more for shooting video of one self...for youtube and such.

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  2. You should probably poke around google play.

    Found this:
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  3. Hi.

    Thanx for replying so fast.

    I've just tried camera remote...but I just found out my tablet is outdated...😁 It's a Samsung Tab 3 with Android 4.4....something....I'll have to get myself an up-to-date android device.
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  4. I will just let you know that I found a working solution to my devices.

    It's an app called Teamviewer.
    Works perfectly with S9 camera.

    It can remote controll the device itself.
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