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    I have a 30 min Video that was split up into 27 separate video files.

    I am searching for a simple merge/concat solution.
    I tried avidemux 2.7.1.

    But this fails with an assertion: _offset < pakSize, line 33 file ... /ADM_asfloh.h

    How can I report this error and which other solutions could I try?

    My system is Windows 10, 64 bit.

    Here the crash log:
    ADM_setCrashHook [libADM_core6.dll]
    ADM_setCrashHook [libADM_core6.dll]
    ADM_backTrack [libADM_core6.dll]
    asfPacket::readVCL(unsigned int, unsigned int) [libADM_dm_asf.dll]
    asfPacket::nextPacket(unsigned char) [libADM_dm_asf.dll]
    asfHeader::buildIndex() [libADM_dm_asf.dll]
    asfHeader:pen(char const*) [libADM_dm_asf.dll]
    ADM_Composer::addFile(char const*) [avidemux.exe]
    A_openVideo(char const*) [avidemux.exe]
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