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  1. is there any tool/software which joins 3 seconds intro to all 100 videos in batch, i forgot to put into.
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    If your intro is encoded with the same parameters as your 100 videos, then you can use the FFmpeg concat demuxer to join them.
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  3. i dont know how to use ffmpeg i tried it but no luck, any specific software.
    my files are mp4 30fps 1080p
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  4. ffmpeg is the answer I would also give.


    I just tried this out and it did indeed add the same video to the beginning of every file in the folder:

    for %%A IN (*.mpg) DO ffmpeg -i "concat:test.mpg|%%A"  -c copy "new_%%A"
    I was using MPEG files. I appended the video called "test.mpg", so you'll have to use the name of whatever file you are adding at the beginning. The resulting files have the word "new_" appended to the beginning.

    [Edit 2]
    To use this, you put a copy of ffmpeg in the folder that holds all your videos. You then copy the line above to Notepad and save it in that same folder with extension ".bat". Make sure the extension is .bat and not .txt.

    You then run that batch file (double-click on it in Explorer) to cause ffmpeg to do its thing.
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