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  1. I have just recently bought a VistaView Saber HB-220 PCIe card which uses a SAA7164E chip for analog VHS capture.
    System - Win 7, WDM drivers.

    I just cannot find any software that will get it to capture at 720x576 without some sort of problem.

    I have tried graphedit/graphstudionext and have the same problem. There doesn't seem to be any user-settable feature for resolution, but it must exist as some of the software can capture at 720x480 or 720x576 by using a custom resolution (but such software has other problems).

    How do you do this? Is there some filter I am missing?

    I'm using the "7164 BDA analog xbar" connected to the "7164 BDA analog capture" filters with the output pins that Im using ~capture and ~audio, which render fine and everything works but there is no-where for me to set the resolution, so it stays at 352x288(default) .
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    According to this is does support full D1 @ 720x576

    Have you tried amarectv or iuvcr
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  3. Just in case... Do you know that you can right click on the filters in the graph and select Properties to get to the configuration dialogs?
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  4. davexnet-
    I've tried amarectv and iuvcr, they all fail in some way. Some of the other programs though seem to be able to force 720x576 (or720x480) are chris TV and dscaler - and you can see the quality increase, but they both fail to work in other ways.

    Im _guessing_ the manufacturers are aiming this at hardware encodering, and have made the drivers for the analog capture pin only for preview in low-res, which is a pity as this card has hardware 3d comb filter and noise reduction.

    Yes, but that was exactly the sort of answer I was looking for, something that everyone else might know but I might not (as I haven't found any good single guide to using graphedit).
    the crossbar filter properties gives me the video source selection,
    the capture filter properties gives me hardware 3d comb filter and noise reduction, video type (eg pal_b) and the contrast/brightnes etc but thats it
    Once I connect the ~capture pin to something, the link properties are what Im looking for, frame rame, colour space, and output size (resolution) only non of them can be changed.
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