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  1. I have just recently bought a VistaView Saber HB-220 PCIe card which uses a SAA7164E chip for analog VHS capture.
    I just cannot find any software that will get it to capture at 720x576.

    With Virtualdub, I click on "Capture Pin" to try to set the resolution, but the only option is "352x288 (default)"

    How do I set the capture resolution?

    I have tried graphedit/graphstudionext and have the same problem. There doesn't seem to be any user-settable feature for resolution, but it must exist as some of the software can capture at 720x480 or 576 by using a custom resolution (but such software has other problems).

    I tried to do all this a decade or two ago and was hoping things had gotten better in the meantime, but it doesn't seem so

    I am wanting to capture with a lossless codec then post-process into DVD (not using a USB stick unless there's one that does lossless or thereabouts).
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  2. Are you sure that drivers exist and they are properly installed in system? Virtualdub AFAIR support VfW only, not sure about your driver... i can imagine that VfW is not supported. Also you didn't provided any information about your system, i assume you are using one of the newer Windows versions.
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  3. I'm using Win 7 and have WDM drivers.

    Virtualdub seems to only half work with it. The preview works (only in low resolution).

    Some of the menu items are not working and grayed out (although it's barely noticable).
    Theses are the ones I really need like-
    Video->Format (this is probably where I need to set the resolution)
    whereas others work (not grayed out), like-
    Video->Video Source
    Video->Capture pin

    any ideas?

    I chose this card as a its a dual DVB tuner and analog capture card with 3d comb filter, so it sounds like it could be really good if only it worked.
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  4. Ah so am I getting partial functionality only due to WDM device appearing under some sort of wrapper?
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  5. I think I'll ask a new question about using graphedit instead of virtualdub.
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