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  1. I just started transferring old VHS tapes to digital. People gladly pay $25 each to get their 1990 wedding tape on a flash drive. Some folks want it on DVD, however. When I use Windows Explorer to send an MP4 file to the DVD drive, it asks if I want it mastered or not. I choose yes. But what gets burned is just the MP4 file. It doesn't create the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders with all the .BUP and .VOB files in them. So thinking it was a problem with the software, I downloaded a burner app called WinX DVD Author. But when I start the burn process with it, it doesn't recognize the DVD drive at all - the 'Device Name' field is blank. The DVD drive is a PLDS DU-8A5LH in my Dell Latitude E6540.
    So - 1. What am I doing wrong that causes the disc to not be mastered, and 2. why doesn't the WinX software recognize the drive?

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    Short answer: Just use avstodvd to author the dvd from the mp4 and imgburn to actually burn to disk.

    Long answer: Mp4 is not a dvd-compatable format so the file has to be 'mastered'. And Windows Explorer can neither master or burn a file to disk. Maybe you meant to write something else.
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