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    HI to everyone I have got a question I need to ask

    right I have just recorded a vhs video of a wedding of a family member and I have got the video file on my computer but when I play it back on the computer it has some tracking in the middle of the video file I have cleaned my vhs player with cleaning fluid and cotton buds some other vhs tapes are like dvd quality when I have recorded them
    and I have tried also the tracking on the remote to make the picture quality better but this vhs video is like 25 years old.
    the black tape of the vhs tape is ok it is not Crinkly or damaged but I have recorded the vhs video and there are some parts of the video file
    were it has tracking in the middle of the video file. so I was gonna ask if anyone knows of a way to rub out tracking like with a software cos I know that adobe photoshop you can rub stuff out.
    if it is a picture file but it is a video file and I know that you can add a video file to the timeline and I know that you can edit each frame per second.
    and rub out like a watermark from a video file so my question is could I do that if it has tracking in the middle of the video file could I rub it out frame by frame through adobe photoshop or is there any other software that will rub out tracking from a video file I have also uploaded 3 pictures of the tracking that is in the middle of one and the other 2 it is a bit all over and it is like that in some parts of the video file of the vhs video so can anyone please help me with this problem that would be great.
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  2. There are a lot of discussions about tracking over the years you can search through, but the ultimate conclusion I've seen is there's nothing to be done about it. You can run some filters to try a filter the tracking, and there are some more complicated scripts that can do some neat tricks, but you'd be spending a lot of time figuring that out.

    As for "rubbing it out" - you can paint frames but this is really quite a lot of work.. is that actually worth it? You'd have to hand paint each frame....

    If you can edit the video on the timeline, you could clip out the frames with the tracking to remove them from the video... depending on how often there are tracking lines, this may or may not be an option as to how much you're removing from the video
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    IMO That is not tracking.

    That is dirt on the video heads. And if it was there BEFORE you attempted to play the tape then that dirt is now on the tape. More damage than what you started with.

    And if the dirt was originally on the tape then it is now transferred to your player as well.
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    That noise isn't called "tracking". It's called dropouts. The tape binding is losing contact with the video heads. It literally means that your tape binding is deteriorating and poor tracking will make it worse.

    Why are your images 720x406? Are you purposely trying to screw up your chroma channels with mod-2 frame dimensions? How do you intend to correct for screwing up the display aspect ratio when you encode this stuff?

    And no line tbc, either. If you have one, the bottom image says it isn't working.
    - My sister Ann's brother
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    If the tape is not damaged at that area it is possible that the camcorder that recorded that tape got some junk in the heads or for whatever reason the tape derailed in that section due to sudden vibration of the camcorder.
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  6. ..... and NEVER NEVER NEVER use cotton buds to clean a video head!
    Use a good quality cleaning tape, cotton bud fibers snag on the head and can cause severe damage. As a final solution if you think it worthwhile, you can still buy new heads.

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