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  1. Trial version ConvertXtoDVD and AVStoDVD I cant escape cut off edges on every disc I play. I use the TV menu to set 4:3 and it shrinks but edges are still missing. I produced one DVD with pad on the edges and it caused even more to be removed. I'm redistributing technical presentations and it needs to include all of the window. A thick black border is preferable to missing information.
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    Playing how? With settop BD/DVD player? With computer & software player?
    If the latter, you should set your app's AR as appropriate, show in full screen (vs windowed) and set your TV to dot-by-dot (aka JustScan, etc). Will not only fit better but will look much sharper.

    Currently, it's overscanning.

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    Playing a commercial DVD should show the same problem, ie. it's a TV or DVD setup problem.
    Your home-made DVD's are probably fine
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  4. Turn off the overscan function on your TV. In cases where you can't control the overscan you have to keep to "title safe" rule -- nothing important near the deges of the frame.

    So in your anime example you want to raise the subtitles. If the subs are hard coded you need to shrink the picture and add black borders around the edges.
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