This worked fine in Win 8.1 now on Win 10 and does not work correctly;

I have m2ts files with subtitles, to make short 2-3min clips (untouched) I used to cut in Tsmuxr no problem create a BR folder of the clip with working audio tracks & subs enabled.
Now in Win10 I get the cut file w\audio & video fine but the subtitle file (PGS) does not show.

The correct PGS sub file shows in the main tsmuxr GUI window and I know it is supposed to be there in the cut file because mediainfo shows it is there and Mpcbe64 says there is a sub file and enabled and I tried VLC and it as well says there is a sub file so everything says there is a sub file in there but it does not actually show the subtitle when playing.

When playing the original m2ts file in mpcbe64\VLC not touched by tsmuxr the subs show up fine so this is strictly tsmuxr issue.

What I tried;
1. tsmuxr 2.6.9 & 2.6.12 (latest ver)
2. of course different files w\subs (no changes)
3. I tried to import the external .sup file disabling the internal .pgs file with no change (still didn't show although everything says it is supposed to be there)
4. I tried AVIDemux but couldn't even get the audio to play on my finished file (video ok but no audio and again no subs) so I'm not sure if AVIDemux is even capable of doing this.

If there is any other program I can try to give me a simple untouched clip of my m2ts file I will but have not found any other yet?