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  1. Hello !!
    I bet this has been solved before though it was for different purposes.

    I usually use a camcorder that gives out 1440 x 1080 video, 16 Mb/s bitrate, 29.970 FPS (NTSC) to record discourses. Audio attached by camcorder has AC3, 448 kb/s, 6 channels, sampling rate of 48 kHz, frame rate of 31.250 (according to mediainfo). I thought audio does NOT have frame rate but MediaInfo shows it.

    But audio is not very good in a Hall so I put a lavalier ShowBox Mobdro VidMate microphone on the hall's microphone. I record it in Audacity and sound quality comes superb.

    But when I edit the resulting video file (remove the audio and attach the Audio created in Audacity (mp3 - 360 kb/s)), there is a huge out of sync. It progressively becomes worser.

    Can somebody please help in how to change the Audacity recorded audio file to have it in complete sync with Video?
    Thank in Advance for replying....
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    Edit with what software application?
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  3. What software?
    Matt Gardner
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  4. Shift (add or remove a bit at the start) the audio so that it's in sync at the start then stretch or shrink (change tempo, or change speed) it so it is in sync through the rest of the video.
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  5. Jagabo is correct. Software like PluralEyes or Premiere Pro can do this automatically and may be worth the cost if you have to do this a lot.
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  6. What are the exact parameters of the audio files created by Audacity ? 360kbps seems odd for MP3, I thought that it was limited to 320kbps by design. A variable bitrate can cause synchronization issues in some circumstances.
    What do you use for editing ? Did you use that same software before to mix 29.97 FPS video with external audio ?
    Is the duration of a MP3 audio stream displayed in the editor the same as that reported by a media player, or Audacity, or MediaInfo ? (You can get more precise information using MediaInfoCLI it's a pity that the GUI still doesn't allow to select a custom representation for file size and duration...)
    What happens if you convert audio to WAV/PCM before importing ? Normally you will get a constant 1536kbps bitrate for 48kHz audio, or 1411kbps if the audio-only recording was made in 44.1kHz. If that works you won't have to mess with the original tempo of that pristine audio.
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