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  1. :: MPC-BE is the only one, I know, that allows you to load ext audio track like DTS ::
    :: MPC-HC . VLC . KMPlayer .. do not have this opt ::
    :: Just one thing I don't understand Why MPC-BE shows an error on missing of EVR.dll in some cases ::
    :: Can anyone please help ? ::
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  2. What is your OS? Windows XP? Windows Server or "N" or "KN" version? Some versions don't have EVR. (But often can be installed via "Media Feature Pack").

    P.S.: MPC-HC can open external audio via "File"->"Open File/URL".
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  3. Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    P.S.: MPC-HC can open external audio via "File"->"Open File/URL".
    MPC-HC automatically open all supported files with same name... this works fine for subs and audio.
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  4. =========================================
    (1) Windows 10 - Enterprise N x64 -
    (2) MPC-HC . VLC . KMPlayer . PotPlayer All can play DTS files via Open File. But playing the file just
    (3) MPC-BE is the only player that can add an external audio track to the list of the existing language sound tracks on MKV movies.
    That enables you to select the sound track you want for the MKV pictures you are watching. Eg. DTS surround sound instead of the existing on-board stereo sound
    (4) MPC-BE : While playing an MKV movie / Right click on the picture / Audio / Load ext Audio
    (5) MPC-BE plays MKV and DTS simultaneously
    (6) MPC-HC plays MKV or DTS separately
    (7) The issue is: MPC-BE opens with Error creating EVR Custom renderer -- Must click OK to start playing
    PS. sneaker : Thanks,
    PS. pandy : Yes, the file needs to be renamed
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  5. Perhaps Windows 10 doesn't support EVR? Change default renderer.

    Didn't read thread but you should definitely.
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  6. =================================

    Thank you all for advice and suggestion.

    I got the issue solved with the new released
    / Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10 /

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