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  1. Hello, dear all.

    I found that Reaper can produce subtitles too. Maybe an extra work needed, but it's possible.






    [Attachment 47376 - Click to enlarge]

    Polish the Subtitles with Dedicated Softwares

    Subtitling in REAPER is perfect for creating time codes, multi tracks subtitling and conditional formating (based on items color for example).

    But the goal is not to replace a dedicated subtitling software, especially when it comes to make some complex text operation (such as calculating the number of character per seconds for each subtitles and auto-split a line if needed).

    You will always have to open your exported subtitles in a dedicated software.

    I will strongly advice you to use Subtitle Edit which is become very mature, ergonomic and powerful. Its development is still highly active. It also have audio waveform display, but the detection and navigation is less ergonomic than withing REAPER.

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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