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  1. Dear forum
    Please can I request advice.
    I have been in the habit of using Handbrake to convert videos from soft subtitles (srt files and mp4 files) into hard (burned in) subtitles and have been using Handbrake to do this.

    The issue that occurs is that with the resultant output file, there are usually a couple of characters of the text missing with each line of text.

    For example if someone in a line of text is saying

    How are you today

    with the output file it will typically say

    How are you tod


    How are you toda

    Please does anyone know what I might be doing wrong, and if there is a workaround

    Yours sincerely, Ian
    ian c
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  2. The problem is with "normal" characters from the Alphabet, not any special signs? Sounds like a bug. Test latest stable HandBrake, then HandBrake nightly and then make a bug report on github.
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  3. Sorry for the delay in reply. I did try different version eg vidcoder. it is problem with normal alphanumeric characters, not special characters
    ian c
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    Vidcoder and probably Handbrake create a log. Recreate the problem and post the log here
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