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    I'm totally confused by sbsgetlist.

    I seem to go round in circles forever downloading another 10,000 records and at the end I've still got nothing... !

    I've had it working in the past and then I didn't understand the list thing... I select things and they go in the 'download list'

    But where's the download list? How to use it? I select 'go' and expect yt-dl dropper to get that list and get those downloads but it only gets one at a time...

    and when it is running you can't add to its list, either...

    So I dunno...

    Hmmm..... if I could delete the question I would.... I've got it working lovely, just downloaded a list of six.... don't quite know why I'm doing good now and couldn't before.....

    So if I can't delete it then it must stand. In which case if anyone knows a discussion place for sbsgetlist please tell me and/or if they know of a good instruction set for it that'd be good, too, even though I've got it working now that doesn't make me suddenly expert...
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