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  1. Hi everybody,
    I just received from Amazon my Avermedia TD310 USB TV Dongle and I should install the ďAVerTV 3DĒ program To manage it.

    The problem is: where do I download it from?!

    I searced on the Avermedia website, but i found no option to download it: clicking on the AVerTV 3D image, the site leads me to the page explaining what the program does, but thereís no downloading content. Neither the program itself, nor any driver.
    In the section of the TD310 I can download only the drivers related to the product and not the program (how Iíd expect, given that AVerTV 3D is needed to make the TD310 work!).
    I tried a google search, but every solution sends me back to the Avermedia website.

    I feel like Iím drowning in a glass of water : maybe itís so simple, but I donít see the solution.
    So before sending back to Amazon the whole thing, I decided to ask your help...

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Member Bernix's Avatar
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    try this
    it is application and driver in one file.
    Not sure if you asking for this, and if you fully understand it is for recieving and watching TV.
    Just extract it and run it, set up aerial, tune channels and watch.

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  3. Thank you Bernix for your quick reply!
    I already downloaded the files you linked me to, but I didnít understand they contain also the application and not only the drivers and that they require to be unzipped.
    As soon as possible Iíll search for the files and install them.

    Of course I know that AVerTV 3D is for watching TV on PC; what I donít know is if my TD310 can work only with AVerTV 3D or if I can use other (better?) programs with it.

    Everything works!
    I followed your indications, installed the application and it works fine.
    Thank you again, Bernix!
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