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    Whats the best and more importantly the easiest software, to allow me to increase the volume of the audio on an MP4 video file....Cheers
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  2. If it's AAC or MP3 you can do it losslessly with foobar2000. You can run a ReplayGain scan (Track Gain), save the data to tags foobar200 can use it to adjust the volume to the ReplayGain target volume. Or there's an option under the ReplayGain menu to adjust the audio losslessly be a specific amount (Apply custom gain to file content). It's not shown by default so it must be enabled under "Display/Context Menu" in preferences. It works for files containing video, but if the audio isn't AAC or MP3 it has to be re-encoded instead. If the MP4 contains chapters they can present a slight obstacle, but that's a bridge to cross later if need be.

    If you adjust the volume losslessly based on the ReplayGain scan it'd pay to enable the "lower adjustment according to the peak information" option. That's set under "Tools/ReplayGain Scanner/Alter File Content" in Preferences.

    Some screenshots might help. If you don't want to adjust the volume according to a ReplayGain scan you can simply enable the option for adjusting it by a specified amount and do it that way, although it's still accessed vie the ReplayGain menu.
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