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  1. My dad has a ton of old home videos backed up in DVD format (Video_TS) folders that I am trying to convert to MKV to maintain the quality (encoding takes a long time and dont want to lose quality on waht already is not the best camcorder quality from the 90s).

    I have a bunch of Video_ts folders with the VOBs in them. I tried to use mkvtoolnix to make them into MKVs, but every time I do so, the audio unsyncs. I am guessing because of an error that says: "This audio track contains 280 bytes of invalid data which were skipped before timestamp 00:00:00.000" or a variation thereof depending on the file. I found the IFO files but dont know what app I can use to either do it right, incorporating the IFO file if thats what needs tobe done, or to make it back into an ISO and then extract the files again hopefully things in sync.
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    You might try DVDVob2Mpg to extract them first.
    Play back the resulting MPG and see if the error still exists.

    If so, does the sync error stay the same throughout the playback or does it gradually change during the playback?
    If it's the first type, I suspect the '280 bytes' might be a audio offset. Easy to fix, add it back in before encoding.

    I've used a video player like MPC-HC to adjust the sync, then noted down the offset and applied it to the video
    with a video editor. If the sync error varies, then you need to change the length of the audio or video to match.

    Or, it can be a mixture which is more complex to fix.

    Other members here may have better suggestions.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. check makemkv
    descriptions says that it converts, but it does not, it just changes formats of video, I think that word 'conversion' confuses a lot if getting to know that software even if it desribes later it only remuxes DVD to MKV
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