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    Recently I have stumbled across the Sima units in the topic title. Opinions are a little varied from what I see in my “research “, has anyone here used either, are they any good? Which is better? Prices seem quite reasonable so I have some doubts but it is an enticing addition to my workflow. Currently I use a Diamond VC500, JVC S7800u or Sharp VC-S101, Panny ES15, Datavideo 1000. Unfortunately I think Windows 10 is responsible for the limited proc amp settings in the Diamond.
    I appreciate any input.
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    Most people don't realize that Sima is the consumer product line from Cypress (makers of rebadged AVT-8710, and many more pro items). Sima was what you got at Best Buy. Sima gear is incredibly weak, and the "defeats Macrovision" is all nonsense. The SCC are definitely not SignVideo/Studio1 gear, nor Elite Video BVP4, and is much weaker -- though not as pathetic as the AVT-8710 proc amp (for color, not IRE/luminance; the brightness contrast on the AVT is better than the SCC).

    If you have nothing, it's worthwhile as a color-adjusting proc amp. But nothing else. The color adjustments are nice. The brightness/contrast is too rough, and the sharpness does nothing. It can pass a clean signal.

    The SCC must follow a full TBC, as it really screws up the signal otherwise. I just looked at mine again, using an X-MEN TAS tape that has no anti-copy, and it caused horrible jitter/vibration.

    The bigger issue is these are all 20 years old now. Sima gear doesn't age well. Proc amps don't age well, period, due to the knobs getting touchy from use and abuse. So you really need to be careful. I got mine cheaply, under $75, and in like-new condition.

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