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  1. Hello!

    I'm very sorry, i think this question often asked here, but i can't find a good answer for it))

    I need to convert mp4 videos with 264 codec and 1080p with same good quality to 720p, with minimum "clicks", i'm not strong in codec configs.
    My phone is 720p resolution, at my TV i don't see any difference between 1080p and 720p.
    I have old cpu i5 760 + 760GTX video card. As i see, some converters use CPU, some GPU.
    I'm using Xilisoft, works vell, converting 1080 5k bitrate to 720 3-4k give good picture and file size) Xilisoft can use CUDA.
    Handbrake converting very slow, and final file larger than from Xilisoft.
    Lol, phone camera videos i convert via YouTube)) And if i use Xilisoft and Youtube to make 1080720, YouTube file will be smaller.
    XviD4PSP very slow.
    MeGUI near Xilisoft.

    Can someone give simple answer, with this old PC, which programs will be better and faster? I'm don't need use filters avisynth, improve quality. I only want shrink filesize and downgrade resolution, but not bitrate, 720p at 2k bit looks realy bad.
    Thank you!
    And sorry for my bad English)
    And yes, i know, better buy new PC)
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  2. Hello) Any news?
    Anyone can give some advice?

    I only need to convert 1080p videos to 720p, sometimes cut clip, and i don't want learn settings for the best quality.
    XMedia recode with CUDA convert 970mb 21min 1080p 6k kb/s file to 720p 1800kb/s in 4 minutes. Without CUDA in 9 minutes.
    HandBrake, i don't know why, but if i check CUDA (NVENC), i didn't get any speed acceleratio, 8 minutes.

    Which programs good and easy to use, with CUDA support?
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    Isn't Cuda just used for the decoding? Just use a faster x264 preset (slow, medium, fast, faster, very fast, etc,etc). Medium is the default
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  4. Originally Posted by davexnet View Post
    Isn't Cuda just used for the decoding? Just use a faster x264 preset (slow, medium, fast, faster, very fast, etc,etc). Medium is the default
    And here my problem, i understand that codecs and programs have presets, but i don't know how they work. A lot codecs, a lot settings, a lot programs.

    I think, that slow preset have a good quality, hight bitrate, but very slow speed, and very fast works very fast, but with low quality and bitrate?

    I want downgrade some videos to smaller resolution, less size, but with good quality and as fast as my pc/programs can do this and with minimum clicks)
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    Set the preset (as shown above) then set the quality factor (CRF - bigger the value, smaller file, lower bitrate, poorer quality,
    18 - 22 good values to start with)
    Try preset "fast" and CRF 20, check the results. Adjust quality factor as necessary
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  6. Well I am using two ten year old dells, on a 9100 with I7 and GTX1050ti video card

    a Dell Dimenion 7100 with video card GTX1050ti with AMD Phenom 11 X6 1055T 2.80ghz

    I am using TMPG mastering works 6 to convert dvd's to mkv , it has a straightforward interface , filters which let you preview the effect they have.

    It isn;t the fastest I suspect it seems to take about an hour to convert an hour of material, but thats okay I just leave it running.

    TMPG let you match it with the video card which reduces pressure on the CPU for filtering.

    Computers have not really advanced much in 10 years other than for gaming I suppose and speed. IMHO.
    PAL/NTSC problem solver.
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  7. Try StaxRip. I think it will give you access to the NVENC encoder on the GTX1050. The quality isn't as good as x264 but it's fast.

    All the open source encoders use x264 as their h.264/AVC encoding engine and run pretty much the same speed with the same settings. The differences are in their default settings.
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  8. TY for answers, i will try this after vacation.
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