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  1. Hi, this may be a newbie question, but I am having trouble with lines being added by QTGMC in avisynth.

    I'm using QTGMC to remove shimmering/floating lines and just as a denoiser, and it functions well for the most part. My source is a NSFW anime, probably very poor quality, but I'm converting it from NTSC to a progressive 23.976fps format.

    The issue is that when certain objects in the video move, there are lines added at "where the object will move to in the next frame" in the current frame, and there are lines at "where the object is now", in the next frame.

    To help describe it, I have uploaded some pictures and video, which may be a bit suggestive, but should be SFW.

    Imgur album:

    This is a few seconds of source video AFTER I did an IVTC.

    This is a few seconds of source video AFTER QTGMC(Preset="Slower",inputtype=1) was added to the video above.

    I'm guessing that it has something to do with the motion analysis thing that QTGMC has, but I can't say for sure as I'm just a person who uses filters, don't really understand how they work...

    Anyone knows how to remove those lines that should not be there? Thanks so much for the help. My source is quite poor quality so QTGMC does help remove some shimmering lines from other parts of the video, so preferably I don't remove the filter? Hahaha
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  2. It's ghosting from the temporal noise reduction. You can eliminate it with TR0=0 and or TR1=0, but then the filter is less effective. Also, instead of TR0/1=0 try Rep0=1, Rep1=1, Rep2=1 to reduce them. But again, the filter will be less effective.
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  3. Alright thank you! Just to clarify, does "TR0=0 and/or TR1=0" means that horizontal shimmering will not affected at all, or just less effective as you said.
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  4. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "horizontal shimmering" -- maybe DCT ringing artifacts around the black lines and sharp edges? There will still be some reduction of those.
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