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    Trying to download some kpop video with firefox and can't do it.

    I tried Video Download Helper and the 1 Click Youtube Video downloader and neither of them could do it.

    it plays alright of course.

    And I tried youtube-dl and it failed, too.

    But the 1 click downloader thought it had downloaded it. Only it produced an empty file. Zero bytes.

    So I looked at the URl it had and tried it in the address bar of firefox. I produced nothing. Just a blank page hanging there.

    So I tried the URL on Opera and I got a message this time - that I didn't have permission to access that page.

    So what is going on here?

    I can view the video on youtube okay.
    1 Click downloads an empty file.
    Download helper produces nothing.
    Youtube-dl fails.
    And the URL I assume they're all using can't be used by firefox to play the file again.

    So somehow the downloaders all get redirected or something, somehow finish up with a useless URL.

    Does anyone know what is happening here and is there anything I can do about it?

    It's not very important. I don't need or even want the file really. But I like to know what's going on when things don't work right.
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    okay. here's a link from the failed download list which, as I said, produces nothing when put into the address bar.
    i just checked that and sure enough: nothing.
    I'll go through the history and see if I can find the original there and I'll provide it.


    here is the url taken from the history:

    now I'll attempt downloads again and see if the behaviour is the same.

    yep. tried the first firefox extension downloader and it created a zero bytes file.

    now I'll try the other one I've got, which is 'video download helper'. That first one is 'one click downloader' or something like that.

    Right. Well video helper did it. Produced a 'webm' file that works.

    youtube-dl did it, too. It produced a zero bytes mp4, a 92k f137.mp4 and a 95k .mpv which works. the f137.mp4 has no audio.

    the zero bytes mp4 had today's date on it. the other two were both dated 19th September 2018.

    I use YT-DL dropper to run youtube-dl for me.

    So that one is either not the best example or my computer is working better today.

    Yesterday zone alarm found 12 infections. possibly had something to do with it?

    Sorry to be so unclear.

    It happens again I'll take complete notes at the time and post the whole thing at that time, complete. That's what I should have done, isn't it?

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  3. here is the url taken from the history:
    youtube-dl is not working ?

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