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  1. Hi

    Just a quick question

    If I append two videos with mkvmerge, that have different bitrate , would that cause a problem in some players ? On PC, it doesn't seem to cause problems but I wonder if it is known as causing problem elsewhere, player, streaming,etc.

    Resolution, audio, fps, etc is the same.... It is just a short video of a few seconds that I want to incorporate in the middle of an intro. The video is 8500kbps vs 2500kbps for the rest of it.

    Thank you for your time !
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  2. Potentially it could case problems with some hardware decoders - it might cause a buffer underrun on some older devices for example . For streaming it might stutter if it's not buffered, bandwidth isn't adequate. Same or lower bitrate is better than a big jump like 3-4x .
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  3. Thanks for the answer poisondeathray
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