Hi I have created a dvd project using DVD Architect 6 and when I add chapters to my timeline, if i click the marker itself I get a drop down tab with the choices of "Rename Marker, Delete Marker, Go to marker, and Set Marker Type" When i hit "Set Marker Type" I get a choice of "Scene/Chapter, Chapter, Buttons on Video". What do Buttons on video mean?
The reason why iam asking this is I am using a double layer dvd to burn my project on because its my project is over 2 hours long and i want the a high quality outcome , but i need to set a "layer break point" I was hoping one of the chapter markers that I created would be an ok layer break point maker, but DVD Architect suggested i should put a break point at a different location, and I did it but than my original chapter marks were messed up, because the new one i entered was in between one of the original chapter markers, causing a confusion. The only way i could make it work was to go into my new chapter marker and select "buttons on video" on the new chapter marker that i created. When i do a preview of my project everything looks to be great now. Did i get lucky or is this the wrong way to create a layer break point?