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  1. Hello, I am attempting to burn a video file to DVD using DVD Architect 5.0. The file is a TS file. When I open the file in the program however there is no sound. Same for when I open the file in Vegas Studios. However, if I play the file in a media player there is sound and the properties of the file show there is an audio track. Keep in mind my knowledge of TS files is limited so please excuse my ignorance. Below is the MediaInfo specs on the file. Suggestions??
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    Based on the limited info, it looks like it it may be DVD compliant,
    although some standalone players (I had one like this) would not play mp2 audio if it was the only title.
    Probably best to open it in Avidemux, leave the video as "copy" and set the audio to ac3 (Aften).
    Output format mpeg-PS muxer. Operation should be very quick, since the video is not re-encoded.
    Save the file as mpg and use it as input to your DVD.
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