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  1. Hello guys, im trying to download some subtitles, but when i get the output file, the timestamps is totally wrong.

    Someone has a solution for this problem?

    [Attachment 47216 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. The hls seems to have corrupted timestamps.

    Check if the dash version has correct timestamps:
    The dash version starts at:
    and continues in increments of 4000 through zmogbdkvdjz(11793812_ISMUSP)-textstream_dan=3000-2632000.dash
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  3. But how can i get the timestamps to be correct?
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  4. If the dash version supplied is also incorrect, then I don't know how you can fix them.
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  5. I dont think its possible to download it from dash link.
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  6. I'm sorry, you've lost me. I have no idea what you're talking about.

    I supplied the dash links in my first post to this thread, along with a zippyshare link of the resulting output from those dash links.

    I asked you to check if the dash version's timestamps were correct.

    You replied by asking "But how can i get the timestamps to be correct?", so I'm assuming that the dash version's timestamps are also incorrect.

    Then you say it is not possible to download the dash version of the subtitles. But why would you want to if they have incorrect time stamps???

    I have no more ideas about how to fix the timestamps.
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  7. Did you download all the dash links 1 by 1? Im asking how you got that srt file where it looks like the timestamps is correct?

    So my big question is how did you download that dash link and muxed all theese files into 1 srt file?
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