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  1. Is there any way I may get a clear view of the mans face in this video?
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    If you haven't already, give an complete copy, ideally the original storage device (e.g. SD card) if removable to your local law enforcement. Fortunately, you have a pretty clear view of his face and any enhancement not done by law enforcement may be a reason for doubt in prosecution.
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    Just to add, some local law enforcement may not have the best tools to extract good quality photos from a video.
    My local sheriffs department was using Gimp and other freeware for video forensics.

    I had much better software at home. I would extract two photos from the video. Front view and side view of the person. Print them up and deliver them, along with the .jpeg of the same photos on a CD, or better a USB drive. If you have a timestamp on the video, also include. Make a backup of the video before you also give that to the authorities.

    I had video of a gas theft and the faces, vehicle and the license plate was clearly shown in my surveillance video.
    I enlarged all the shots for those details and gave them to the sheriffs office, along with a exact copy of the complete video. We did get a conviction.

    Now if a capital crime was committed, then the police may use state or federal resources, but not likely for low level crimes. You may have to do most of the processing and presentation to the authorities. Document everything you can.

    And I guess I should answer your original question. Play the video back on a decent player, pause the player and do a screen shot of the video frame.
    On your keyboard, use the ALT/PrtScrn key. That will save it to the Windows clipboard. Start Windows Paint. Use 'Paste' and you should see the video frame. Use the 'Select' icon and clip just the face of the subject. Select 'File>New' Paste the cropped photo and print.

    And good luck.

    And welcome to our forums.
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