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    So I joined the audio from a movie I had ripped to another video of the same movie. All went smoothly using MKVToolNix and Handbrake but the final product has the audio off significantly.
    M4V is the final file type. It combines AVC video 8500 kb/s 1920 x 804 @24 fps with (two audio streams) DTS and AC-3 both 6 channels. While combining the audio and video worked the sync is way off.

    Is there a piece of software that could help me tweak all of this to work?
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    How is the audio out of sync? Is the sync error the same throughout the video? Or does the error gradually increase?

    The first can be fixed by adding an offset to the audio. Determine the offset by using a video player like MPC-HC.
    Adjust the offset there until in sync and use that offset number (Usually in milliseconds) to correct the offset in a
    video editor that allows such adjustments. I use VirtualDub2, but other editors may work.

    The second error type can be caused by audio and video length not matching. Maybe the audio is not the same length as the video.
    Sometimes MediaInfo can show that.

    Or the video you took the audio from was edited different.
    If that's so, a bit harder to fix. I've had to chop video up and correct the sync in each part. Not easy.
    Worse is a combination of the two sync errors. Really hard to fix.
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