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    So I am using Handbrake 1.1.2 -64 bit on my W10 Pro 64 bit PC and because I have some videos that are much too large I ha ve processed them through Handbrake and get exactly what I need except for audio.

    The input file is MKV
    Mediainfo indicates that the video file is: AVC and the audio file is: DTS XLL

    When I process the videos I use the Handbrake MKV 1080/30 preset for video and for audio I use the DTS-Passthru. However the final product has a AC-3 audio file. I dont understand why.

    Without a thorough understanding of Handbrake and audio files I suppose I'll always be doomed to just wonder what the final audio file will be.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    i think you can try in audio all passthru, not just DTS, probably this is root of your problems. Probably handbrake do not detect it as = DTS and therefore convert it. Have to try it and eliminate this possibility.

    It is called auto passthru. BTW there are two DTS to choose, but none can match your audio source, so auto is best way from my perspective

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