I run VidCoder to convert my files.
I know it build on Handbrake and it have vidCoderCLI and I really try to understand the command line reference but have a Little problem

That I try to understand and I have done this

"C:\Program Files\VidCoder\VidCoderCLI.exe" --preset "350 MKV 640" --srt-file "S14E03.swe.srt" --sert-lang "swe" --srt-default=1 -i S14E03.ts -o S14E03.mkv
I run this script from the folder where the files is
but I get error it does not like "--preset"

Later when I got Everything to work I going to add it in a loop so I can easy convert every tv show I recording with my TV-Card but until I have done that I have to understand why the code does not work on one single episode.