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  1. Can anyone advise on a DVD rip problem.
    Downloaded MovieRescuer from videohelp site.
    At first it seemed to work just fine but then when I looked at the Ripped files, there were some peculiar things.
    There was usually one massive VOB file about 5 GB, but instead of the hour and a half film, that was supposed to be showing there were only about 50 minutes play showing.
    Then there were a couple of other files varying in size about 2 GB... And many of the scenes from the big 5G file were duplicated in the smaller other files.
    Obviously this isn't right, so I don't know what went wrong.

    Also tried the WinX DVD prog, which is supposed to be free but that didn't work, it only recorded the first 5 minutes of a movie which is pretty useless .. Unless you pay so it's not free.
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