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  1. Dear Experts,

    Thanks for all your help in the past.

    After watching many channels on Youtube, I'm
    thinking of making one myself.

    I would like to show images and video clips in
    the background. And then do a voice over.
    Perhaps some text over images and clips.
    It's not about me, so, like some other
    channels, I'm not planning on showing
    videos of myself talking, but my content.

    So, I'm looking for some video editing software that
    will work on my Windows 7 computers.

    The software should be simple and easy enough to learn, and use.
    The objective is not to become an expert on
    video software, but to make videos.

    I want to spend most of my time with the content, and
    just a little bit of time fighting with the software.
    Not vice versa.

    What is a recommended software that would work for me?

    Thanks a lot!
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    You might want to buy a copy of "The Filmmakers Handbook". It's cheap and very enlightening. Look on Amazon.

    I myself started out with this fantastic book that spells out all the ins and outs of movie/video making. It's tough getting eyeballs nowadays, and you really have to innovate to stay on top.

    The software I recommend is Sony Vegas Pro. If you buy now you probbly never have to upgrade again. Movies and Video are all moving to online and that's highly compressed. Right now the homeowner video maker is on par with the pros.

    Sony Vegas Pro has a simplicity and elegance, but with a deep set of tools that only show themselves to the worthy.
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  3. try windows movie maker,best for what you want
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