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    Hi, hoping I can get a little help here. Itís a bit of a read but Iím attempting to list everything I know and the troubleshooting I have done to this point. Hopefully someone has an idea! I can't find a solution.

    The problem:
    I recently had two tvs and a projector hooked up, all with 2 HDMI cables running to them and all HDMI cables are running through the wall/floor/ceiling. Iíve tested all the connections and every cable seems to be working aside from 1 Twisted Veins cable, and this cable will not work on either of my Vizio TVs. A signal is detected on the PC end, I know the cable works, I know the PC port works, I know the HDMI ports on the TV work so I am completely stumped on what is keeping the connection from working.

    The Equipment:
    TV 1
    ē Model: Vizio E75-F1
    ē Firmware Version:
    ē Cast Version: 1.27.96538
    ē HDMI Cable A: Monoprice 50í 4K High Speed Cable Ė Product #21567
    ē HDMI Cable B: Twited Veins 50í HDMI Cable (The Issue Cable)
    TV 2
    ē Model: Vizio E75-F1
    ē Firmware Version:
    ē Cast Version: 1.27.96538
    ē HDMI Cable A: Monoprice 50í 4K High Speed Cable Ė Product #21567
    ē HDMI Cable B: Random 50í HDMI Cable I had on hand Ė not sure of specs.
    ē Model: Optoma W416 WXGA 3D DLP Business Projector
    ē HDMI Cable A: Twited Veins 50í HDMI Cable
    ē HDMI Cable B: Twited Veins 50í HDMI Cable
    Source: Currently Using an HP ZBook 15 G4 to test the cables Ė wont be the final source but works for easy testing.
    Test Screen: ASUS VE248Q

    Troubleshooting Done:
    I have done a myriad of things trying to get this cable to work. Iíll do my best to explain them.

    Reasons I donít think it is the source (laptop) Ė All other cables work from the laptop port to their display without issue. The laptop even detects the TwistedVeins HDMI Cable. I get an audio queue from the connection, the display settings page detects a second screen. I have attempted to duplicate screens, extend screens, and just have the Vizio TV as the only display. Iíve done this in 4k, 1080 and minimum resolutions. The vizio still reads as No-Signal. Iíve also attempted using a different source computer and the results are the same.

    Reasons I donít think itís the cable. I have two other twisted veins cables of the same length running to the projector and both of these work. I set up a test screen by the Vizio and plugged the troubled HDMI cable into that and I got a signal on that screen, so I know the cable didnít get damaged running through the wall. It works, just not on the Vizio. And I donít think it is because the cable isnít high grade enough because itís a brand new cable and the old random cable I had works just fine.

    Reasons I donít think itís the Vizio TV. Since I have another cable running to the TV I have been able to test all the ports and they all get a signal so I know the ports arenít broken. Iíve updated the firmware. Everything about the TV seem to function aside from getting a signal from this one specific cable. Iíve also tried this fix with no luck.

    If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated!
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    The cable it's self could have a short inside
    Some place. Look in both ends of the cable to see if
    Any of the little metal prongs are bent and causing
    A short out.

    Also try switching to different HDMI settings and see if
    Any of those work. Some equipment such as computers
    & Game consoles have a optimal resolution setting.

    With the problem cable hooked up to the TV try
    Doing a factory reset on the TV and see if you can get
    A signal.
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