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  1. Hi,

    I am both new to this forum and new to video editing - so please excuse me if this question is a little odd...

    I am trying to create a split-screen video work in premiere pro - in which the video will be shrunk down to a third of the height of the frame.

    The footage I shot was in 4K but I am hoping to export it to 1080p.

    I was wondering - when I encode the footage, should I do this to 1080p or can I reduce the file size to 720p given that the image is going to be 1/3 of the size of the 1080p frame? I am thinking about the rendering time and was hoping that this might shorten it... although I could be wrong there...?

    Does video work in the same way an image in Photoshop or Indesign would, in that if it is viewed at a smaller size the resolution doesn't need to be as high?


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  2. yes , video uses images as well, but viewing them in given frame rate, viewing particular number of frames per second, so you technically, can get away with more artifacts as oppose looking onto a still image
    you just have to try it, you can export a testing sample from Premiere, not the whole video so you can get yourself oriented somehow
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    There may be extenuating circumstances of laggy performance, but otherwise, I'd stick with your original 4k source. Have the NLE app (PPro) do the split-screen resize in the timeline so that the export of the master is the ONLY subsequent encode stage (other than additional end-user distribution copies).

    Less # of encode stages = better quality retained.
    IOW, "Do the LEAST Harm". One of the Golden Rules of professional A/V.

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