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    Is there a way to make a Perfect clone image of mycurrent Windows 10 installation, with all necessary programs, files, etc, that you can simply reinstall for a fresh start if things go bad?

    I ask because i recently bought an awesome new computer but, it didn't come with any software discs and customer service unfortunately seems hit & miss now. I just want to know i can reformat/restore my Comp to flawless working condition with all drivers and component software present and installed(Wi-Fi, Graphics, etc) if my computer should get a pesky virus or something.

    Been googling for the longest time and tried a handful of solutions already using my other comp but, nothing.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  2. Yes, use one of commonly available live cd partition backup applications. They are bootable (or from DCD or from USB thumbdrive) - this mean you can run your computer and copy even whole HDD at sector level thus you can provide perfect copy of current state - such image can be later restored - this is commonly used scenario.
    Usually such activity is called cloning (disk or partition) to image.

    I use (have usually few different thumbdrives with Linux/Windows PE compilations) and prefer one of compilations with Windows PE - it allows to work exactly same like in your computer Windows and there is many useful tools on such compilation.
    Example of such compilations

    Personally i have thumbdrives with:
    Hirenís BootCD, Winpe from Sergei Strelec and Ultimate Boot CD - all works fine and they are extremely useful in difficult moments - definitely worth to spend few bucks on dedicated thumbdrive.

    Btw forgot to mention that you need different than cloned harddisk/partition to write image on it! External HDD on USB will work nicely backup.
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