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  1. 360p to 1080p with watchable quality
    please share settings
    - is 3000kbps/30fps is good for 360p to 1080p
    any software with any magic
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    No magic. Just "very very educated guessing" in software. AviSynth or VapourSynth based converters can use a variety of scaling functions which may look more or less convenient to you. And in addition, there is "Edge Directed Interpolation" (e.g. NNEDI3) with a special function that increases the resolution by powers of 2, in your case to 4 times the width and height, while trying to emphasize straight edges. The result may look a bit artifical, though, but you may prefer that over too soft or too much ringing results of conservative scaling techniques.

    Main disadvantage for you: The more you try, the better you will know if there is any good result at all; but it takes more time to try more different techniques. And you may have to study and learn video scripting before you succeed. It may not be easy to find a converter which provides all the good methods without learning their backgrounds.

    If you only want to play it on a PC, the easiest solution for you may be using madVR as high quality renderer, no need to actually recode the video.
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