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  1. Hi I wish to make slide shows including jpgs and camera video and burn it to a DVD.

    I'm using windows 7. My TV player is a Samsung Blue Ray circ 2013.

    I've tried a few programs but still looking for the one that suits me but I've been using Openshot and exported it as a MP4 file that is 6Gb but my Windows DVD Maker cannot recognise the MP4 file. I did try and copy it to a double layer DVD and it works on my PC using VLC media Player but my Blue Ray player does not recognise the DVD.

    So am I right thinking my Blue Ray player should be able to read a DVD burned correctly with a MP4 file or is my player too old and I should upgrade?
    Which DVD burning software should I use or should I have exported the show from Openshot in a different format...which one?....that could be burned to DVD.

    I'm thinking of getting into this for the long term to put my holiday photo's and video's onto DVD as a show, or should I invest in a Blue Ray burner as the show files may be big. My Tv is wide screen 50" HD so I guess I need high quality DVD or Blue Ray disk for the space.

    I'm also trying Proshow Gold that looks good but a few things I do not like but this may just be as set up issue as I've just started trying it.

    So I'm after far Openshot seems ok but I need a good burner software and I am thinking for quality I need to use MP4 but I could be wrong?

    Any advice appreciated.

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    "So am I right in thinking........" Yes and no. You have not correctly burnt your file to a dvd since a mp4 file is not a valid format for dvd. Although a blu ray player should play a mp4 file a mp4 is a container format and can contain a variety of video/audio formats not all of which are supported by blu ray players.

    You have a choice. Use a program such as avstodvd to create a valid dvd from your mp4 file and burn the resultant folder to disk with imgburn. 6 gb to too large for single layer so you either compress the file to single layer or use a dual-layer disk.

    Or you can create a avchd disk burn that to dvd and your blu ray player should play that without issue. The first choice though is the easiest.
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  3. Thanks for reply. Copied MP4 to Dual Layer DVD using windows explorer......dvd formatted as a data disk. That's the only way I could do it as my DVD maker software could not recognise the MP4 file.
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  4. Click image for larger version

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    These are the formats Openshot can export...any good?
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    Again. If you export to h.264 creating a regular dvd from that will result in a re-encode and a loss in quality.

    Take a closer look at the MPEG(mpeg2) profile/settings. Not familiar with this program. There are slide-show programs that will create a dvd straight up. Take a look at the software section of this site (top menu)
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    Darl Lyn, in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time. From our rules:
    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.

    Moderator redwudz
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  7. As DB83 has suggested, MP4 is not a DVD usable file. To get a video file that is close to the DVD video format, export as MPEG(mpeg2). It then has to authored to comply with the DVD video format so a DVD player will be able to play it as a DVD. Doing any other process will result in a DVD ( as a disk ) with data on it, as you already have posted and will not work in the player. Also as suggested avstodvd, is a good choice to do all that for you. You can still use Openshot to make the video and then use avstodvd to author the DVD.
    Otherwise, you will need a BluRay authoring software and use BluRay disks.

    BTW: Look at DVDStyler for doing the slideshow and video mixed together to make a DVD. It has a learning curve but will do what you want.
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  8. Thanks for the advice and sorry about post title & thanks for fixing it.
    Busy doing our bathroom at the moment so no time to test the programs.
    I did look at the list of programs but I was lost as there are so many so thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm still thinking, looking ahead, should I invest in a blue ray burner as my first attempt only used 64 pictures and one 5 minute video and ended up being a 6.3Gb MP4 file.
    They are pictures/video of holiday trips and I usually take about 2000 pictures and sort out the best from them but at the moment this ends up filling 2 x 100 page photo books, maybe about 500 pictures so I'm hoping to make one disc about 10 seconds per picture, 20Mb per picture plus video now and I'm now thinking DVD is not enough space?

    But I've never burnt a blue ray or know what format (MP4?)/software to burn I'm at the start of this journey and any advice is appreciated.
    I don't think I'm looking for editing of Video....but I don't know being a newbie.

    I'm happy to buy software at a reasonable price....10's rather than 100's of if its worth it.

    I did download Photshop Elements trial but I did not get a good easy impression of it nor was I sure it did what I'm after.
    I liked the look of Proshot Gold though I hated when I added pictures to slide show, when I put my mouse on a picture in the time line it would not tell me the picture name as the file was named but just called it Slide 1 or whatever.
    Openshot looks good and easy but I find a bit laggy (slow) when adding slides to timeline. Windows 7 64 bit, 4Gb Ram, 500 GB SSD.....maybe more memory required...though nothing else running so I would have though 4Gb is enough as I've never had issues using photo editing software.

    So I will look into the programs mentioned & thnak again. I will call back here from time to time for any more advice but I think it will be December before I get any serious time to play.


    Just had a quick calculation of timeline for about 500 now I think I also need at be able to add a menu and chapters (locations of my trip) so I do not need to sift though lots of sequential pictures to find the area I'm looking I'm thinking this is like chapters in a film you can use the player remote to this video editing that I need to do this?
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