I would like to ask how to join quickly video files together. I don't understand a lot in video editing so I'm looking for some qualified help. The task usually looks like this:

33 video files (each around 600Mb large) in .mp4 format each 15 minutes long (1270 x 720)
we cut the beginning and end to make an 8-hour video
the output file should have the same resolution and we don't care much about the video quality as long as you can tell what's in the video
we now use adobe premiere for this operation and it is set on H.264, VBR 1 pass Target 0,4 Mbps and Max 1,5 Mbps with no Audio
now this operation takes about 1,5 hour

the question is if there is a way to do this operation faster by any parameter settings or what shall I set so that the operation takes less time...

we used to use Ultra Video Joiner which takes 18 minutes on the same computer to merge 17 files into 4-hour .avi, but this software doesn't support queuing

Thanks a lot for your help...