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  1. Hello - looking for some assistance on the best way to clean up this video, which is sourced to a PAL DVD and seems to have been poorly converted from unknown source.

    There is a lot of what looks to me like frame blending or ghosting on most movement, along with combing. I'm not sure if this DVD was captured from an interlaced source and converted to PAL or what. I've attached a short clip and including some screenshots. I can provide a different sample if it would help.

    I'm not concerned with any noise or other picture issues, I'd just like to improve the problems with the frame blending. Based on what I've read so far, smart bob followed by SRestore() may be the way to go. Although I've done a lot of encoding and editing of DVDs/videos, I still don't have any experience with running AVIsynth scripts to do this kind of work, so wanted to ask for any help/guidance before proceeding. Thanks!

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  2. You want a good double frame rate deinterlace followed by SRestore: The basic script:

    Mpeg2Source("test clip2.d2v", Info=3) 
    Yadif(mode=1) # or better but much slower: QTGMC()
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  3. Wow, that looks so much better! Thanks!

    If I am going to create a DVD out of the final result, would I then run DGPulldown to apply 3:2 pulldown? Also since the original DVD source is 25fps, is there a good way to re-sync the audio track to the new video, since its converting to 23.976fps from 25? I have a couple ways to do this already and can manage, but figured I'd ask since there is maybe a common way to do in these kinds of cases

    Thanks so much again!

    (edit: Sorry for newb questions)
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  4. Also, happen to know of a good source for the avisynth plugins? Trying to download QTGMC and every link I find points towards doom9, which this site will not load at all for me...
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  5. Yes, if you're making an NTSC DVD you'll want to apply 3:2 pulldown flags and resize the frame to 720x480.

    For a PAL DVD you could speed it up to 25 fps, AssumeFPS(25), along with the audio -- ie, the usual PAL speedup for movies. Or you could use DGPulldown to apply 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3 pulldown (23.976 fps to 25 fps). But that results in two little jerks every second.
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  6. Cool, thanks again.. I should be good to figure it all out from here. If I can manage to download the AVS plugins anyway... both SRestore and QTGMC seem to only be available at doom9, which as far as I can tell is totally down
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  7. Originally Posted by autephex View Post
    Trying to download QTGMC and every link I find points towards doom9, which this site will not load at all for me...
    It's down at the moment. It always comes back. As for the needed dependencies, although the discussions are on Doom9, you can get those needed filters without Doom9:

    If hello_hello sees this, he has a single downloadable collection of all you need. Or you can search for it as it's found here somewhere.

    Edit: I was wrong. You need the actual AVSIs for QTGMC and SRestore from Doom9. You might have to wait

    Edit2: You can find a link to the complete QTGMC collection in this thread of hello_hello's:

    it also has other useful information. I or someone else can supply SRestore. I'm at a different computer at the moment. For the time being, just try to get QTGMC going with your video.
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  8. Thanks so much for posting that link. I was searching but having a hard time locating. Downloaded and will start working on QTGMC

    Edit: I believe this is what I am looking for:

    Edit2: Now I need Grunt101... gah
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  9. Alright, I believe I've got everything installed for QTGMC and it appears to be working after a small test encode. I'm just using QTGMC(Preset="Slow"), any further recommendations on settings for this?

    I'm already very satisfied as the blending issue is probably my biggest annoyance with video.

    Hopefully once I get ahold of SRestore it will be good to go
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  10. Originally Posted by autephex
    I'm already very satisfied as the blending issue is probably my biggest annoyance with video.
    Precisely 'SRestore' should help with that blending problem.
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  11. If anyone could attach or provide non-doom9 link for GRunT, I'd be in your debt

    Can't find this one anywhere and was hoping to get this project sorted sooner than later
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  12. Beautiful.. thank you!!
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  13. hmm actually I guess no such luck.. that GrunT.dll plugin doesn't seem to load.. gives an error stating not a valid win32 app. Suppose its the 64bit dll and I'm running 32. Ah well, thanks for the effort in sharing.. suppose I could convert all my setup to 64 if I have to
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  14. Thanks StainlessStephen, very cool of you to upload this. These files should really be mirrored somewhere!

    And doom9 is now back up.

    Have now installed all the needed plugins and after some quick test encodes it looks like the results will be very good. Thanks again to everyone who replied and helped me out - you guys are great!
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  15. So I just finished a long encode of the entire movie, and the resulting video looks good - however it is about 4 mins shorter in total length, which doing the math it seems to be 4% faster which matches PAL speedup.

    I did add AssumeFPS(25) but I thought that since the original DVD video was already encoded in PAL at 25fps, then it would be the same length in the end because the processing is converting to 23.976 and then back to 25 again? Not sure what I am missing here.

    I can still work with this but would like to understand what's happening. Is it possible the original DVD was actually encoded at 23.976 even though it was reporting to be 25 PAL?
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  16. Originally Posted by autephex View Post
    Not sure what I am missing here.
    The source used to make the DVD was at the original film speed. It was converted to PAL 25fps by field blending, a method that keeps the length the same, about the only good thing that can be said about field-blending. When you unblended it, you put it back to the original framerate and kept the same length. If you looked up the film at IMDB, the chances are very good you'd find the length is what you got before adding the AssumeFPS(25). By doing that (adding in the AssumeFPS command) you threw the audio out of synch and got your PAL speedup.

    Is it possible the original DVD was actually encoded at 23.976 even though it was reporting to be 25 PAL?
    Not the DVD, no. But the master used to make the PAL DVD was 23.976fps (or 24fps). You did everything right up until you added the AssumeFPS(25) to the script.
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  17. Ah ok that makes complete sense. Thanks for explaining. I didn't realize that field blending was an actual intentional method of obtaining PAL 25fps - I just thought it was an unwanted effect from poor quality conversion. But now I get what's happening.

    Speeding up the audio is easy enough with besweet, but guess I'll go ahead and do another encode to stick with the original fps, add a 720x480 resize and pulldown
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  18. Depending upon what is required, sometimes a good idea to eg AssumeFPS(25 , Sync_audio=True).ResampleAudio(48000)
    EDIT: [change duration of audio to match new duration of video] Where 48000 is original audio rate, or eg

    c.AssumeFPS(25 , Sync_audio=True).ResampleAudio(c.AudioRate)

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