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  1. Hi,

    I hope everyone here is doing well.

    I need to download some course content to play offline. The website uses video player by Boomstream (

    Under Network Tab, I see --> playlist.m3u8, chunklist.m3u8, many .ts files in number sequence.

    the playlist and chunklist url : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/time:1541309185/iSUpx9Du/playlist.m3u8 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/id: xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.hls/time:1541309364/m49/2017/07/17/R9Hq6Dv3.mp4/chunklist.m3u8

    Can someone guide me on how to download this. I suppose I can't use Streamlink as suggested in some other threads because this player doesn't allow restreaming?

    PS: I've never used ffmpeg/youtube-dl so please excuse my noob level. I would appreciate any help.

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  2. hello LZAA, I sent you a pm.
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