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  1. this is the image comparison. Q=encoded video W(mouse hover to see)= original encode

    if you see encoded video output gave some warm tone. how can i disable that? my goal is to make file size small, so output video quality may looks bad which is fine. i only don't want to add that warm color effect.
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  2. It doesn't have anything to do with the settings you posted. Maybe there is some range conversion (PC range vs limited range) going on. Upload a small sample of the source and the HandBrake activity log.

    Does this happen with all files?
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  3. Post a full text MediaInfo report of your source and encoded video.
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  4. thanks for the reply. after you said settings has no issue, i played video using vlc player and saw no different. here is another screen compare (taken using vlc player)

    first image was taken using ffmpeg, not sure why ffmpg added extra colour for encoded video.
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  5. Different players may use different output devices (for example, in VLC see Tools -> Preferences -> Video -> Output). They may also use different proc amp settings, may make different assumptions about the colormatrix, or ignore colormatrix settings specified in the video file. All these things can lead to different levels and colors.
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