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    Below are our top picks of some most popular flash games you may not want to miss.
    There are a wide range of genres for you to choose from, including word games, point and click games, action, fighting games, adventure games, puzzle games, arcade games, hidden object games, strategy games. Here we have put together some of the best ones you can play all the time.

    1. Word Whomp

    You’re challenged to make as many words as possible from six letters.

    In this enticing spelling game, you’re challenged to make as many words as possible from six letters. Time is passing quickly, so make sure you spell fast! How much you can help Nestor move on to bigger bonuses depends on the number of words you spell.

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    2. Whack Your Boss 2: Fantasy Edition

    You whack your boss repeatedly by finding all ten items. This time, you destroy your irritating boss with the help of magical creatures. Enjoy the game, keep calm and control your anger but do no harm to a soul!

    3. DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies

    In this ultimate 3D game, you start by choosing your character. Then select your name. Take Hiccup’s instructions, and he will allow you to fly Toothless! Fly around and use Z to learn how to slow him down and use C to dash for faster speeds. As you fly into floating targets, your flying abilities will be put to the best. Next, you will find and train your own dragon! First, look for the right kind of food for your dragon and chop it up. When you find the dragon, feed him his favorite food to avoid making him angry. In this case, you know well what he wants since Hiccup told you. Train him and hit the spacebar at the right time to let him know that you aren’t scared of him. Turn him into your first trained dragon!

    4. The Amazing Spiderman Movie Game

    Your job is to catch criminals and give stolen things back to their owners.

    There are lots of criminals in New York City. Your job is to catch criminals and give stolen things back to their owners.

    5. Marvel Tribute

    Marvel Tribute has a sensational fighting arcade feel. There are lots of superheroes to choose from. The graphics are in Marvel VS Capcom style. It is fun and addictive; you will find yourself wanting to play over and over again. There are 4 modes in this game: Arcade, Survival, Versus and Training.*

    6. Maldark: Conqueror of All Worlds

    Make your own hero, fight monsters, and finish various tasks to earn money! Purchase new weapons, pick up new spells, and beat strong enemies to make the land in Maldark peaceful again.

    7. Angry Birds

    If you have not played Angry birds, try it and you’ll definitely like it.

    If you have not played Angry Birds, try it and you’ll definitely like it. Try to eliminate all pigs simultaneously to win three stars. Use the left catapult that allows your birds to jump as far away. Try to aim and destroy buildings of the pigs.*

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    8. Ultimate Spider-Man: Iron Spider

    An evil thief stole Iron Spider - Spider-Man's armor. Play this great game to help Spiderman return team armors to the normal state. Jump over buildings, be cautious and alert to the dangers, and look for clues leading to the armor. Shoot villains and stay away from obstacles, using your skills.
    You have three hard tasks to achieve. Make sure you read the instructions to know how to manage the character inside the game. Your team will protect you when you do something dangerous. So don't worry: you will overcome all levels. Just gather parts of the shield and other objects in your way.

    9. Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Generations

    Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is a great tower defense game. It is set within the magnificent Pokémon universe and features every generation of Pokémon. Capture new Pokémon and let them unleash their full potential! You travel throughout the Pokémon world, get to know your allies, meet new ones, and fight your evil opponents. Try to defeat them; you can, right?

    10. Ultimate Spider-Man: Cyber Sabotage

    Something weird happens in the Oscorp’s headquarters and other city buildings. As Spider Man, you have an urgent and important task. Go inside every building, inspect them and keep real cyber sabotage from happening. To make sure, you’re required to jump on various high platforms by using your web actively. But before performing the mission, you prepare yourself for throwing your web and overcoming great distances with its help. Also, gather special red signs that can be helpful to you in the future.

    11. Iron Man 2 Iron Attack

    The city is vulnerable to attack, and needs your help! You play as Tony Stark. Fight off the robot menace. Start by picking either the War Machine or the Iron Man suit. Different suits have different attacks and come with a different style of play. Destroy attackers to earn points and move on. Dodge or block enemy attacks to protect yourself. Make sure you don’t miss the powerups and upgrades when you fly by! Fight more difficult enemies as you advance and finish all the stages to win the game.

    12. CS Portable: Counter Strike Online

    You can play the game directly on your browser and your phone that supports flash.

    You can play this game directly on your browser and your phone that supports flash. Create a nickname and select your team as a terrorist or counter-terrorist. Shoot your enemies down. The gameplay is also determined by the type of match you choose as there is regular deathmatch, team deathmatch, free-for-all, Zombie Mode and Survival.*

    13. The Avengers Bunker Busters

    In the game, you defeat all the enemies in each level. Choose which chapter you will play on and the level to begin. You’re also required to select your Avenger. Then go into the cannon. Observe the cannon attentively and click the mouse when you think you are at an angle you want. Click the mouse again to determine how much strength you want the cannon to fire off at. Once your things get right, the Avenger will go flying and hit right into the enemies.

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    If you don't have a touch screen monitor, I would suggest a program like Start 10 or similar to restore the Windows 7 style menu.

    Much easier to navigate, IMO.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    Originally Posted by Alhas1934 View Post
    I installed the new win 10, 64 bits, please help me optimize all the possibilities that it can bring
    An online search finds numerous articles with suggestions for improving system performance and cleaning the system. If "optimize" means something else to you, you need to be more specific.
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    If you haven't already, install it on an SSD. This will give you a greater performance boost than any tweaks. Also, have at least 16GB of RAM installed.

    These are probably covered by the tweak guides that usually_quiet mentioned in his post but:

    If you're not on a tablet, turn off anything related to touchscreen (unless you have one as a monitor) and tablet specific.

    Familiarize yourself with Settings and the various "features" that Win 10 has set on by default. Anything that is set to automatically run in the background, such as Notifications & actions use up RAM and system resources.

    This is advanced, but to and learn which services (which run in the background) can be set to turn on manually or disabled.
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