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  1. I like 4K Video Downloader very much, especially the easy use and the fully automated muxing of video/audio.

    But I encountered an issue: all downloaded youtube videos (MP4) are identified as vfr (variable framerate) by MediaInfo.
    Vfr leads to problems while playing or cutting the video.

    Can anybody confirm this issue?
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    I don't download enough content to be sure that this really is a problem caused by 4K Downloader and not the result of a problem with the streaming video itself, but a few weeks ago, I downloaded a TV show from the PBS website using 4K Downloader, and the resulting file was also identified as VFR.

    I use VideoReDo TV Suite V5 (not free) to edit TV shows recorded via my TV tuner cards and decided to try its "Quick Stream Fix" feature on the file as an experiment to see if it could create an acceptable CFR version. In this case, the result was acceptable and only a few frames were removed. (The purpose of the "Quick Stream Fix" feature to "fix" recordings containing transmission errors, including corrupt or missing frames, so they can be edited.)
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