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    I'm having problems using this August VGB100 device, it's an "Editor's Choice" at Amazon so must be quite common.
    I tried the ArcSoft software that came with it but the mpeg2 file was not great (combing etc), but any attempt to export crashed the program anyway.
    So I tried lots of other editors until I found ShotCut which appeared to capture OK.
    But the next time I used it, the capture was blank, can't explain why sometimes it works, others it doesn't.
    So researching I've seen comments to use the latest driver from the August website, but other people were saying to use the old drivers from the supplied CD. Yet another person suggested an open source driver.
    Neither really worked, so what have others found to be a good combination?
    All I really want to do is convert my family VHS videos to mp4, nothing fancy apart from boosting the sound a little and snip out odd bits.
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  2. Very interesting reading the reviews on that device. I didn't read them all but a lot of them had 4 stars or more and when you read those reviews you can see there were many problems with the device. It is a sponsored Amazon item so those star ratings may be suspect.

    Sorry can't help with your problems.
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