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    Post your favorite VR Player you like here:

    Oculus Video
    Skybox VR video player
    Deo VR video player
    Gizmo VR VR player
    Open VR video player Very poor rating/review
    Samsung VR videos
    MermaidVR video player
    All above should be free.
    Whirligig media player cost 4USD in early acess but look very promising.

    Steam VR Players
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    Probably also can be mentioned software and sites (it is solved this way) that has VR or 360 video content. For example Jaunt (using dolby atmos not sure if for all content), NextVR and many others. There is also YoutubeVR app for youtube, but watching VR content in different browser is solved bit different. So for example watching VR content on firefox as far as i know is solved somehow internally, but not sure, have not much interest in explore this.

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