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  1. I can't find any program to just straight capture/transfer mini dv to a mac properly. Each has issues (and some editing apps don't have Capture at all like Lightworks and DaVinci Resolve). I've tried iMovie 9.0.9, iMovie (latest version), Media 100, Avid Media Composer (which wouldn't even install on my machine for whatever reason), Premiere Pro (current and CS6), LifeFlix, Vidi, , Video Pad, Quicktime, all sorts of things. LifeFlix and Vidi have come the closest so far, but both of them have the same glitch:
    When I capture a tape that has a mini edited video with music on it, that part of the tape gets messed up audio. In the case of LifeFlix, the messed up audio continues for a bit even after that part of the tape is over. This is with multiple tapes in multiple cameras, and the tapes play perfectly fine in the cameras.

    I just want a program I can use to capture all of my tapes as a single file per tape (many programs create a new file for each time you press record on the camera). I know LifeFlix lets you Combine All clips, but that's where I'm getting those glitches too.

    Oh wise people of the forum......any ideas?
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    sounds like whoever made the tape didn't use the same audio format throughout. it probably alternates between 32 and 48 bit audio. the camera won't care but capture programs do. you will have to capture each part where the audio changes individually, starting and stopping at each change so the program sets the proper bit rate as they can't change it on the fly.
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