Okay, so I've got a particular problem I need to solve.

I'm authoring a Blu-ray and there is a part of the video where a song starts playing in the background while characters continue to speak in the foreground. Both the lyrics to the song and the dialog is in Chinese.

I have a translation for both the dialog and the lyrics to the song. I want to display subtitles for both, in different styles, even though they overlap somewhat.

What I'm envisioning is subtitles for the dialog with a black outline while the subtitles for the lyrics have a blue outline. When the lyrics for the song start, the dialog subs will display above them, timed to the dialog that is spoken. While the subtitles for the lyrics will display below, correctly timed to the song being sung in the background.

I'm using Aegisub to create different Styles, saving it as an .ASS file, then creating a Blu-ray compatible SUP file with easySUP. I'm also familiar with Subtitle Workshop and Subtitle Edit.

This should work correctly, but when I burn a disc, the subs that overlap don't display correctly. They flash on and off extremely quickly and a couple don't show at all. The subs that don't overlap play perfectly.

Is there a way to achieve what I'm looking for? I'm pretty sure I've seen this same thing on commercial Blu-rays, I'm just not sure how to make it work with the tools I generally use.