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    Hi all. Sorry 1st post here so not sure where it goes. I have had a look through the hacks and trying to find one for the above player. This is the UK version (dunno if that makes a difference). I have tried various things but cannot get the DVD region free. Im not fussed about region free blu ray.

    All the posts I have seen say about using a One For All remote...however I was wondering if I can use the sideview app or something similar (android app) to put the code in as I dont want to have to buy another remote (One For All). I have the small controller with no numbers on it (attached). Any help would be gratefully received
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    Just copy your "foreign" DVDs to MKV files with your computer, put those MKV files onto a portable hard drive, plug that portable hard drive into your Sony player and watch them that way.
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