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  1. Hi all. I am a bit confused with how to use the MSU subtitle remover V3.0b filter, for VirtualDub its the latest one, I open video in VD, then add this filter, but am a bit confused as how to use it. I know I leave it like below at 1st

    hope someone here can put me on the right path. as would like to figure this out

    Im also confused where to keep that logo data, as it says tmp.logopack. plus what button do i click to make these masks, as it seems you have to play the video all the way to the end, to make masks. then do it all again as a save as.avi

    Well i was told to continue my post here by baldrick, which I can understand, but I wasnt getting a single reply in this post. so hence reason why i decided to try again. I cant find any help what so ever on this
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