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  1. Hi all, hoping I can get some help with this. I'm having problems capturing footage, taking from video camera into Elements 4 . When I go to get video.pressing the red button..nothing is happening ..just a white screen...haven't had this problem before.. The programme opens up as usual when the camera is connected , and I can edit files that have already been up loaded and are on the PC. Camera Im using is Canon XH A1. I've recently had the PC serviced ...deleting the old system and Windows programme reinstalled...problem only a rose since then.Any help, suggestion appreciated.
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  2. The best thing you could do is to download Scenalyzer and download your video from your camcorder thru firewire cable into your PC. Scenalyzer is a dedicated software just for that purpose. Set Scenalyzer to capture by clips (not one long video) and set it to name clips by the timecode. After you capture all clips into your PC load them into Premiere.

    Maybe you need proper DV driver, try to change it, vaguely remember it should be Legacy or something.
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