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  1. AA=ffmpeg.exe version N-85093-g7942907 built with gcc 4.9.4 = 58.2 Mbytes in size
    BB=ffmpeg.exe version n3.1.2 built with gcc 5.4.0 = 56.0 Mbytes in size

    since BB= has a higher GCC number, I am using BB= even though it is smaller in size
    and I found no difference in functionality between AA= and BB= past 2 years. they seemed the same.
    and AA= and BB= work under XP.

    what would the today's XP supporting ffmpeg.exe be?

    what ffmpeg.exe would you recommand for win10?

    sometimes when you recommanded so and so XP supporting ffmpeg.exe's they didnt work well. they are picky
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  2. Originally Posted by sommers View Post
    what ffmpeg.exe would you recommand for win10?
    Most people just download the latest 64 bit static build from Zeranoe. It has all the basics. (Except maybe FDK-AAC for copyright reasons. Some people build themselves because of that.)
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  3. Marsia Mariner
    Originally Posted by sommers View Post
    what would the today's XP supporting ffmpeg.exe be?
    It depends on who builds those XP-compatible releases.

    Just as an example, I've just found this page with the help from the false god Gluegow:

    There exists a thread dedicated to XP-friendly ffmpeg binaries @ Zeranoe's forums, but I don't know how "up-to-date" it is.
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  4. ffmpeg-20181015-c27c7b4-win64-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe


    why does ffmpeg.exe have the same directory level as presets? I dont understand "presets" are not even in a branch level.
    so is it ok then to delete all xxxx.ffpreset files? so that I could move ffmpeg.exe to a parent directory and run it like an old way.
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  5. I've been using "ffmpeg-N-90853-g3914a76-win32-static_legacy.7z" on XP for a while. I thought I downloaded it from here, but it's not listed. I think those versions are XP compatible, but don't hold me to that. I vaguely remember they were complied without something I wanted, but if so, I can't remember what it was.

    I found the version I'm using here.
    It's dated 2018-04-26 so it's not that old, but there's also a more recent version dated 2018-08-26. I haven't tested that one yet, but "legacy" in the file name suggests continued XP compatibility.

    I took the newer version out for a quick test drive on XP. So far, so good.
    (Referring to "ffmpeg-N-91691-g962c931-win32-static_legacy.7z" here).
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